Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Find Out How Things Will Fail

Sometimes we do something, knowing that it will fail, but we do it to see how it will fail. For example, pretty much everybody knows that it would be bad to put metal in the microwave, but imagine if you took a ceramic cup and filled it with cake batter, and then put ball bearings in the mix. Would the metal conduct the heat? Would it affect the cake batter? Would it destroy the microwave and make sparks?

In this example, we know one thing for certain: this experiment will fail to produce edible cupcakes. However, what we are more interested in how exactly it will fail. 

The same things happen when we put explosive characters in the same room together. We know it won't end up good, but we want to see how bad it gets. 

This is maybe the best reason to pursue an idea that you know sucks. Do it, knowing that it will fail, just to see how exactly it does fail. There is much knowledge to be had there. 

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